Book of Acts

Luke's major purpose in the book of Acts is to show the victory of Christianity as it expands
and breaks to barriers of religion, racial, and national.
Christianity broke through the narrow limitations which men sought to impose upon it,
and emerged in the liberty which Jesus had given it.

In Acts Luke shows that it was the risen Lord Himself who, through the Holy Spirit, was guiding
His followers through painful steps  to the recognition that the kingdom was spiritual
and for all mankind.

Luke's aim was to write a history of the formation and early growth of the church.
It was a special history of the planting and extension of the church throughout the world.
There is one great theme throughout the book, and that is  "the church witnessing for Christ."

Acts shows how the church came into being, and how it gradually developed from a local sect
into a universal brotherhood.
In Acts we see how Christianity was emancipated from Judaism and became a world religion.

Acts is not so much concerned with the development of Christian life or the application
of Christian truth as it is with the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
This witnessing was to be done by the power  of the Holy Spirit.  (Acts 1:8)

In the first verse Luke has referred to his Gospel as written "concerning all that Jesus began
both to do and to teach, until the day in which he was received up

And the book of Acts would show what Jesus continued to do.
Luke has shown how the work of God was commenced and how foundations were laid
at certain important centers.
He has described the origins of societies and activities, and has been passed on to other incidents
and scenes.
Acts is a narrative of how the church began its witnessing to the world for Christ.

 The Acts - 1:1-3 -- The Book of Acts speaks with authority and urgency to the church today.
There never was an age when the church, which Christ purchased with His precious blood,
needed more desperately to understand and to heed this message as does our age. ... More

 The Power Of The Lord - 1:4-5 -- We ought to be knowledgeable about the coming again
of our Lord, but our major responsibility, as Christians, is to tell  others about the One
whose coming we expect. ... More

 It Is not Easy To Wait! - 1:6-7 -- It is sinful for a Christian to drag his feet when
God says, "Go!"
It is also equally sinful for us to rush ahead of God.
To act prematurely is to invite failure. ... More

 Ye Shall Be Witnesses! - Part 1 - 1:8
Christians are not to be like salesmen going out to peddle a product.
Nor are we to be recruiters knocking down doors trying to get people to join  a religious club. ... More

 Ye Shall Be Witness! - Part 2 - 1:8
Our mission as witnesses hinges on the personal element.
Who and what we are as persons is fundamental.
We must recognize our characteristics that may inhibit our witnessing. ... More

 Ye Shall Be Witnesses! - Part 3 - 1:8 -
Since a witness to the grace of God is really a spiritual exercise, one must recognize the possibility
of spiritual hindrances blocking its fulfillment. ... More

 Ye Shall Be Witnesses! - Part 4 - 1:8
Can an ordinary Christian participate in the mission of our Lord Jesus Christ to a lost world?
Does witnessing require special skills or training?
Is a certain witnessing system necessary?
Must the Christian force himself to witness?
Or is there another answer?
I believe there is. ... More

 The Ascension - 1:9
When we know what His ascension really means, we will be inspired with  new hope and confidence.
Our attention will be focused upon Christ occupying His place of supreme power.
We will know that He is able to guide, control, and protect us as we witness of Him. ...More

 This Same Jesus - 1:10-11
This same Jesus still has the same work to do that He started to do, that which
He commanded His disciples to do that He has commanded us to do.
This work is to rescue souls out of sin into salvation out of darkness into light. ... More

 Jesus Is Coming Again! - 1:10-11
The promise of His return (verse 11) is beyond any words we could ever say to describe
that great event.
The angelic visitors are saying that at a point in time and place,  Jesus will again break from
that other world into this world of time and history. ...More

 The Day Of Pentecost - 2:1
The Book Of Acts literally explodes with power.
Before Jesus ascended, He promised, " Ye shall receive power..." (Acts 1:8)
With every turn of the page in Acts there is an explosion of power. ... More
 Sight And Sound - 2:2-3
Now this sudden, violent, heaven-sent noise, as a wind  in the fury of a tempest marked
the outpouring of the Spirit of God. ... More

 Preaching Jesus! - 2:14-23
Every preacher should imitate Peter in these two ways.
He preached Christ.
He expounded the Scriptures. ... More

 Jesus Is Lord! - 2:33-36
There is no authority or power that exists that does not take its direction and its limitation from Him.
Jesus Christ is Lord! ... More

 Repent - Baptism - Remission - 2:37-38
In the moment of true repentance, we are liberated from the estrangement and the fear of the past,
and we are equipped by the Holy Spirit  to face the battles of the future. ... More

 What Are The Signs? - 2:41-42
If we are to search for signs of the presence of the Holy Spirit in a church, then we should look
at the early church in the aftermath of the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit ever experienced.
 ... More

 Joy Of Fellowship - 2:42
It is important to distinguish the fellowship of these Jerusalem Christians  from mere cooperation.
Almost daily, cooperation is eulogized as an ideal.
In truth, cooperation, in itself, is not good, and it is not bad.
It is neutral. ... More

 More Than Money! - 3:1-10
It was money for which the man was begging, but it was a miracle of healing  which he received.
He was only asking for some money for the day, but he received his legs for life. ... More

 Arrested - 4:1-4
When will the world ever learn that persecutors may imprison the apostles  of truth,
but cannot imprison truth. ... More

 God Did It! - 4:5-12
"By what power"... could be said of what we do for God.
And we would probably say that it was because we planned and we programmed and we worked hard.
Or it was because we love so... or our great courage... our dedication.
It was because we are so well-trained and educated. ... More

 Sin Of Living A Lie - 5:1-5
The devil despises harmony.
He is the arch- promoter of discord.
When you discover discord in the church, just look around -- the devil is behind it. ... More

 "Go. ..Stand ... Speak!"  - 5:19-20
But bars and doors and chains cannot shut out those whom God would have to enter,
and would never shut-in those God would have escape.
The hour had come for His intervening hand and all the power of man cannot prevent God
from His purposes ... More

Bad Advice! - 5:33-42
Gamaliel's principle can't be used to evaluate what's happening now.
Many things God hates are successful in the world's viewpoint.
For example, the Sanhedrin was still an active religious force in Israel although it was instrumental in Christ's death.
Today there are tremendously successful movements that God has nothing to do with. ... More

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