John 15

The vine was part of Jewish imagery.
It was the very symbol of the nation of Israel.
Jesus calls Himself the true vine, the real, genuine vine.
The symbol of the vine is never used in the old Testament,  except when it is used as the idea
of degeneration.

Isaiah's picture is that of a vineyard that has run wild.
Jeremiah complained that the nation had turned into  "a degenerate plant of a strange vine."
Hosea cried that Israel is "an empty vine."

It is as though Jesus said: "You think that because you belong to the nation of Israel
you are branch in the true vine of God.
You think that just because you are a Jew that you are of the chosen people, and because
of your race and birth and nationality  that you are a branch in the vine of God

But it is not the nation who is the true vine.
The nation is a degenerate vine, as all your prophets proclaimed.
"Jesus is telling them that He is the true vine."

He is proclaiming the message that the only thing that can save them is to have
an intimate living fellowship and belief in Him, for He is the vine of God and that they must be
branches joined to Him.

Jesus was proclaiming that it was not Jewish blood, but that it was faith in Him,
which was the only way to God's salvation.
No external qualification can make a person right with God.
Only a relationship with Jesus Christ can do that.

Jesus was saying that his followers resemble the wood of the vine.
Some of them are a fruit bearing branches of Himself.  
Others are useless because they bear no fruit.
Jesus is speaking of Christians whose Christianity consisted  of profession without practice,
or of words without deeds.

 Jesus is speaking about Christians who were useless branches  -- all leaves and no fruit.

"Only A Branch" - John 15:1
If you would know Jesus, then study the vine. Come and gaze on the heavenly vine
till your eye turns  from all else  to admire Him.
Jesus is not merely like a vine - He is more.
 He is the actual. He is the original. ... More

 The Vine Dresser - John 15:1
It is most important that we see this and understand this task  of the Vine Dresser.
The vine dresser occupies himself with the branches.
He does this because the emphasis of the parable is fruit. ... More

 Leaves Or Fruit - John 15:4
Many have confused the production of branches  with the production of fruit (fruit-bearing)
by believing them to be the same.
Fruit is something that the branch bears, not for itself,  but for its owner. ... More
 Abide In Me - John 15:4
So, the branch remains and receives life from the Vine,  and therefore, it develops and grows.
This remaining and receiving is mediated by the Word  and is impossible without
this divine means. ... More

 Without Jesus - Nothing - John 15:5
Joined to Jesus and under the Father's care, so much grace  comes to us that the result
is always " much fruit."
The alternative is separation from Jesus and the Father's care  which means no fruit of any kind.
 ... More

The Fate Of Not Abiding - John 15:6
 here are many who profess to be connected with Christ.
 here is such a thing as not abiding in Christ, which leads to withering up. ... More

 Asking And Abiding - John 15:7
Prayer is the most neglected ministry in the church today.
If we were as lax concerning our finances as we are concerning prayer, most of our churches
would be bankrupt in ninety days. ... More
 Abiding and Prayer - John 15:7
As we abide in Christ we shall have firmer confidence, richer joy,  greater stability,
more communion with Jesus, and greater delight  in our Lord. We must abide! ... More

 Joy - John 15:9-11
So why the joy?
Why do the disciples have a blessed state?
It is because of their union with Jesus.
They in Him, and He in them. ... More

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