Ephesians is regarded as the greatest among the epistles of Paul.
It is probably the most profound book in existence.
It concerns those in the "'heavenly places."
Its chapters include both eternities past and those yet to come.

When you read the Book of Ephesians you enter a different sphere. It is as practical
as it is sublime.
Ephesians is a statement of the grace of God to the church and an exhortation to Christians
to live a worthy life.

the purpose of Ephesians is to establish Christians in their faith and to guard them against
the danger of slipping back into the old life.
It also warns of the danger of forgetting as Jews and Gentiles their unity in the body of Christ.

Ephesians is divided into two great sections of three chapters each.
The first is doctrinal and the second is practical.
The first deals with Christian truth, and the second deals with Christian life

It's All Ours! - 1:1-3
-- True wealth, purpose, love, and power are gifts God wants to give us in Christ.
So, when we feel these longings, it is really God we want. ... More

Spiritual Blessings In Christ - 1:3
-- In this cryptic sentence Paul opens the door into Ephesians and gives us a glimpse into
what awaits us.
It is a key to this book of spiritual treasures. ... More

Heavenly Places In Christ - 1:3
From eternity to eternity God works all things according to His perfect plan.
All history, all nations, all that exists in heaven and on earth are included in His purpose.
And that purpose is fulfilled in Christ. ... More

Sealed And Secure - 1:13-14
-- The Holy Spirit is our seal!
The God of the universe has stamped His mark on our souls. ... More

Nature Of Redemption - 1:13-14
-- If we wish to enjoy the freedom and joy that God is providing for us
in the salvation that He has also given us, we must understand the nature and intent
of that redemption. ... More

You Were Dead - 2:1 -- When we truly see the horrible picture of our destitute condition
before we were saved, the greater will be our appreciation of what God has done for us in Christ.
 ... More

You Hath He Quickened! - 2:3-5
The same almighty hand that was laid upon the body of the dead Christ and lifted Him
from Joseph’s grave to the throne in heaven, is now laid upon your soul.
It has raised you from the grave and death of sin to share by faith His celestial, heavenly life. ... More

It Is By Grace! - 2:8 -- In order to have a true and clear understanding of what it is that makes us
Christian, we must learn the truth of this statement: “ By grace are you saved.” ... More

Saved! - 2:8 -- The word “saved” brings to our attention the most solemn consideration
that can possibly occupy our minds.
Nothing is more important to us than our eternal souls. ... More

Salvation through Faith - 2:8 -- Faith is more than belief, though it includes that.
Faith is trust. It is the openness of mind, heart, and life to receive what God has to give and to yield
to what He demands. ... More

What Makes A Church Great? - 2:10
Love is the dynamic that transforms the church into an instrument of God.
It is through the demonstration of sacrificial love by the church, that is, love like Christ's love,
that the world will be won to Christ. ... More

Members Of The Household Of God - 2:19
As imperfect as it is, it is the Church in any given community that God has brought together
for the purpose of serving Him.
The Church cares, prays, teaches the Word of God, and invites people to come to the Lord Jesus. ... More

Gifted By Grace - 3:1
God has given me something I did not deserve.
He did not present me with my gifts because I was highly skilled, or properly born, or spiritually perfect.
My place in the Lord's body is an act of grace.
My function as a member of that body is an act of grace.
My service for Him, using the "spiritual gifts" is a function of grace. ... More

We Are Privileged - 3:1
You rarely hear the word, privilege, around a church.
You hear of the words like beauty, responsibility, obligation, sacrifice, sometimes spoken in a virtuous
and even martyred tone of voice, but rarely the word, privilege. ... More

Spirit Gifts - 3:2
Each of us have specific spiritual capacities produced in us by the entrance of the Holy Spirit
into our lives.
This means that I have received spiritual abilities, so that I might perform adequately as a member
of Christ's body. ... More

Our Real Wealth - 3:14-21
Paul prays that we might be strengthened with power through His Spirit in the inner man so that Christ
may dwell in our hearts through faith... and so that we may experience His abundant love. ... More

Unity Of Spirit - 4:3
The failure to cultivate and practice these graces have been at the root of many a church squabble,
and have been most destructive of the spiritual health of such churches.
The spiritual health of this body is dependent upon the harmonious functioning of every member. ... More

Live Worthy - 4:1-3
True humility is intelligent self-respect which keeps us from thinking too highly or too lowly of ourselves.
It makes us mindful of the nobility God meant for us to have.
Yet, it makes us modest by reminding us how far we have come short of what we can be. ... More

One Body - One Spirit - One Hope - 4:4-6
So many members of the body of Christ that we are unable to count them, but yet there is
only one body.
They are known as the body of Christ, and the Bible speaks of them as "the church." ... More

One Lord - One Faith - One Baptism - 4:5
"One Lord" -- the Lord Jesus is the one Lord.
He owns us, loves us, cares for us, protects us, guides us, and keeps us.
We recognize His sovereignty and own Him as our Deliverer and Ruler, and we trust, obey,
love, and worship Him.
No one can rightly called himself or herself a Christian who does not acknowledge Christ as Lord. ... More

One God - 4:6
Here we arrived at the ultimate source of all union.
God, one God, the only God, who has created all things, by whom all things are kept going,
the God who planned this great salvation and who sent His Son. ... More

Resurrection Power - 4:7-10
Resurrection power is like no other power on earth.
It is unique, and has no possible rival.
For one thing, it is the kind of power that operates in the midst of death.
It works when everything around it is dull, dead, and barren.
It works best in the midst of a cemetery for that is where it was first demonstrated. ... More

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