Psalms of Ascents

 Psalm 120 introduces a series of Psalms called "A Song of Degrees."
The word, "degrees," means "ascents."
The Psalms are psalms of ascents.
They were to be used as Israel climbed the mountainside as they went up to Jerusalem to worship
the Lord at the feasts of Jehovah.

These Psalms might also be called Pilgrim Songs, as those who sung them were pilgrims.
They were sojourners, and in these psalms they came back to their place of worship where there was
quiet communion between kindred spirits around Jehovah God.

So, while there is a plaintive note in these Songs of degrees, they also warm the heart of the redeemed.
Whether one is old or young or in the prime of life, the heart responds to the invitation,
"Let us go into the house of the Lord."

 Stayed Too Long! - 120
There must be a holy dissatisfaction with things as they are.
We must have that great desire within us to have more and more of God in our lives. ... More

  Keep Looking Up! - 121
During this period of our Christian life the Lord causes us to have a dissatisfaction with our present condition.
This brings into our hearts a realization that we need to know more about our Lord and that we need
a closer walk with Him. ... More

  Fellowship - 122
We must turn away from everything that tends to divide us.
We must not be at odds with each other.
God is not pleased with us when we are at odds with our brothers and sisters.
We are all one in Jesus Christ. ... More

  Needed Discipline -123
Have you arrived at this stage?
If you love the Lord, you will come to this stage.
You will learn that though you are a child of God, you are a young child and you are immature;
therefore, your position is like that of a servant. ... More
  Reminiscence - 124
As we go through various experiences, there will come a point in our path when we can look back
and say with that pilgrim soul:
"The Lord has been for us; the Lord has been on our side; and it is good." ... More

  Stage Of Enlightenment - 125
Every Christian after trusting in the Lord is in need of being purified.
We need to be delivered from the sin and death of this sinful world. ... More

  Faith - 125
The pilgrim praises God for past deliverance.
His faith now rises to a confident joy in the present and in the future safety of the believers.
They have the faith that they who trust the Lord will be secure forever. ... More

  Turnings To God - 126
This is the problem in many Christian lives today.
After years of belief in the Lord Jesus, there is not much growth.
Christ is not being increased in those lives.
They are living life in their own self-centered ways. ... More

  Building - 127
God's blessing on His people as their one great necessity and privilege is the subject of this Psalm.
Here we are taught that the builders of houses and cities; systems and empires and churches
all labor in vain without the Lord. ... More

  The Lord Builds His House - 127
It is by God's working that the vision of and through which the work moves forward.
It is in this way that the Lord builds His house. ... More

  Building And Growing - 127
If there is conflict, either internally or externally, no construction can occur -- no growing can occur.
It is only when the peace of God reigns in hearts and reigns in our midst that the building of the church
can take place and continue to grow. ... More

  Full Of The Spirit And Fruitful - 128
Real happiness, real joy, and real peace comes from the fear of the Lord.
True happiness is only obtained by those who fear the Lord and walk in His ways. ... More

  Life Of Spirit - Life Of Flesh - Part 1 - 129
If we are saved by the grace of God, then that life which is within us carries with it a desire and longing
for spiritual things and for God.
It is sad to see so many of God's people with little or no desire for Him or for spiritual things. ... More

  Life Of Spirit - Life Of Flesh Part 2 - 129
We think God should be served in this way or that way.
We do not wait upon the Lord and serve Him in His way.
Instead, we serve Him in the energy of our flesh.
We must see the futility of the flesh, and depend completely upon the power of the Spirit of God. ... More

  Brokenness - 130
In Psalm 130 the consciousness of iniquity is so great that the soul is overwhelmed.
What can be left for that simple, naked, sinful self, if the Lord should   withdraw Himself and withhold
His grace. ... More

  Humility - 131
Humility comes out of brokenness.
That is the only way to humility.
A person can never have real humility if he has not gone through the experience   of brokenness. ... More 

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